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School of the Medical Arts - Forensic Website

Hey, and welcome to the Forensic and Pathology Site at Future Docs. We have games, videos, PowerPoints, and other awesome stuff. Remember to add a comment in the comment box, and give your feedback on anything you want. We also have a guestbook, so you can also leave a message there. Enjoy the site.

Forensic & Pathology Site

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Decode de Code
Outbreak Adler Foods Mystery
Who murdered Marilyn Spencer?

Murder Mystery A Shakespeare Murder Mystery Interactive Investigation Mighty Mutation Maker


On the Run

Death in Scarlet

Decode de Code- This is a game where the computer will generate a code, and you have to guess the code. If you learn how to play, it will turn out to become a pretty fun game.
Outbreak- This is also a basic easy game that you can play. It tells a story, youre your job is to decide the answer. This particular story is about the flu. You have to collect data and observe the case in order to win the game.

Theres a food mystery going around town, and its your job to clean up this crime. Some of the food has been nasty lately, and its your job to discover the culprit.

Alder Foods Mystery
Who murdered Marilyn Spencer? This is one of the best games yet. Go through you suspects to find out which one of them killed this beautiful woman. Its very fun it includes forensic, pathology, and criminal investigation. Its like the whole package in one.

Murder Mystery - This game takes you through a interactive gaming system as a detective on a mission to save the Christmas spirit. Someone has been murdered and it is you job to find the witness and solve the crime. Good luck.
A Shakespeare Murder Mystery- This is another one of my favorite games. First you have to create a free account, then you go through a regular modern day Shakespeare story, but theres a twist. This time youre a detective. As you go through the story, you ask suspects questions and work your way to victory.

Continued game descriptions & Videos
Interactive Investigation- This is a basic game that is like all the others. Its a crime scene where you have to discover the murder. Yet this game is more fun, more advance, and instead of humans, there is cartoons.
Mutation Making Machine- This isnt really a forensic game, yet it lets you type in your name, and it shows you what you name would look like if it was DNA. Its pretty cool.

Fingerprint Checking Checking a boot
Reconstructing a Skeleton

Examining a gun

Science Experiments

DNA Extraction Lab Ink Chromatography Lab Witness Experiment Latent Fingerprints Experiment

PowerPoint Classes

Identifications Crime Scenes The Human Stages of Life Anatomy

Autopsy People in Forensic Science

Forensic Dentistry

Forensic Nurse

Forensic Art

Science Talk
Create a Meebo Chat Room

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Forensic + Pathology

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